Coorg Cuisine

As located in the Malenadu region is rich in green cover, is the place to get many rare spices and edible mushrooms, fruits and nuts in the particular season. There are many special dishes prepare by locals, dishes here are entirely different compared to other regions.

In coorg, some dishes are prepared occasionally which in festivals and special occasions, the Mushrooms can be found in the rainy season, and mushroom is one of the rare dish of monsoon, there are many kinds of mushrooms called Naymari Alabe, Nuchi Alabe, Inajimara Alebe, Hegalalabe, Motte Alebe. In the paddy fields many farmers grow vegetables after monsoon ends, locals prepare vegetable dishes and Non-Veg Dishes frequently. Coorg Wines that prepares from Grapes, Nellikayi, and Rice are famous and tasty, tourists like wines which made in Coorg. Below given Special Dishes are came from Coorg origin.

  • Panndi Curry (Fork Dish)
  • Akki Rotti
  • Kanale Saru (Bamboo Recipe)
  • Kadumbutt
  • Paputt
  • Kaipulli Pajji
  • Koli Curry
  • Thambutt
  • Mangye Pajji
  • Alabe Saru (Mushroom Dish)
  • Kolli Saaru (Chicken Dish)

The Dishes above are special in taste and ingredients.

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