Coorg People

Kodagu is a place for many religions, the religion Hindus are the majority in the district with many sub castes, Kodavas and Arebhashe Gowdas are the prominent Ethnic Groups in Kodagu District. The culture and Festivals are followed from hundreds of years by their elders. The Ethnic Groups of Coorg have a deep historical background and followed by their culture and tradition. The dress called “Kuppasathatti” wear on the special occasion, and their traditional dress too. Kaveramma is the Goddess of Kodavas amd the Godess Kaveramma temple situated at Talakaveri, thousands of deities visiting here to take darshan of the goddess and celebrates some festivals on the particular season. As ruled by the British peoples many traditions and speaking words usually followed by the Kodagu peoples.

In the Time of the British rule, Kodavas and Arebhase Gowdas are the landowners, Yeeravas, Kurubas and other tribes are laborers on Agriculture. Coffee, Pepper, Cardamoms, Rice, and other Spices are the main crop in the district usually and cultivation is the main income source of the farmers. At present day’s, tourism improved, and became one of the top hill stations in the country, thousands of tourists visit here in the pleasant season, planters and investors interested to put their money in tourism, also selling local products including Wines, Honey, Orange and Spices.

Society: Arebhashe Gowdas, Kodava, Beary, Bunt, Amma Kodava, Kodava Maaple, Konkani, Kudiya, Kuruba, Lingayat, Malayat, Tuluva, Vokkaliga, Yerava.

Languages by racial

Peoples who Speak Kodava Takk:

  • Kodavas and Amma Kodavas (Language Name: ‘Kodava Takk’)
  • Eimbokalas
  • Hegades
  • Benepadas
  • Airis
  • Madivalas
  • Kavatis
  • Naindas
  • Koyuvas
  • Kudiyas
  • Medas
  • Holeyas

Peoples who Speak Separate Languages:

  • Roman Catholic Christians
  • Sivacharies
  • Arebhashe Gowdas (Language Name: ‘Are bhase’, one of the Main Ethnic Group in Kodagu)
  • Palayaas
  • Maleyass
  • Kurubas
  • Adias
  • Yeravas
  • Kaplas
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