Culture of Coorg

Coorg is the Place with deep History of Kings and Rulers, the culture here completely different by other parts of the Karnataka State. Main ethnic group and majority are Arebhase Gowdas and Kodavas as they settled in the Kodagu from the time of British and south Indian dynasties rule. Women’s in the Coorg wear Saree which completely in different way compared to other communities and people. The Swords and Guns are ritually worship by the Coorg people, Coorg peoples are born fighters from time of Kings to nowadays.


‘Kuppasathatti’ is called the traditional dress which once their regular dress of Kodavas and Arebhase Gowdas, nowadays the dress wear only for some local festivals, tradition and special events.


The Kodavas worship a number of deities, Kaveramma is the main Goddess of Kodavas, besides the Goddess Kaveramma, they idolize Igguthappa, Muthappa, Bhagwathi, Mahadeva, Bhadrakali, Subramani swamy and Ayyappa. The Ariri, Meda, The kembatti and the Amma Kodavas are very similar in culture and language.


At the wedding of Kodavas the banana stems are sliced by short Coorg traditional Sword. The Feasting, Dancing, Colorful tradition which makes Coorg wedding as a beautiful event.


The Culture in the the festivals like Puthari, Kailmahurtha and Kaveri Sankramana goes with rich tradition before the events starts. The culture is almost same both for Kodavas and Arebhase gowdas and celebrates festivals such as Puthari, Kailmahurtha, Kaveri Sankrama and Dasara.


The Kodavas are the prime and oldest community of Coorg, they lives here from hundreds of years and appeared in wars for Kodagu Empire. Arebhashe gowdas also one of the major ethnic group in coorg and they wear white ‘Kuppasathatti’.


Coorg People prepare many kind of special dished on festivals and special events, the dishes are Kadumbutt, Koogalet, Paputt, Pandi karri and ext.

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