Festivals in Coorg

The Festivals in Coorg has perfect history and meaning behind each festival, every cultural activities that has been followed from their ancestors. The peoples are still follow their ancestor’s original traditional style in today’s society. The Ethnic groups of Kodagu celebrates their festivals even they are lives in out of the district, thousands of Coorg people’s living permanently or temporarily in Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore and established their community centres where the place to gather peoples to celebrate festivals and Events. The main festivals celebrates in Coorg are listed below,

Puttari or Huthari – November End or October Start

Puthari or Huthri the famous festival of Coorg, is celebrating to wellness of Harvest, the tradition takes place specially on paddy field in the month of November to December when the Rice come to cut off.
Puttari Event in Coorg

Kailmahurtha – September

Kailmahurtha or Kailpoldh is the event for worship their weapons such as knife, sword, guns, vehicles and other equipments used for agriculture. The event is celebrating with fork dish, other Non-Veg dishes and Bronx which happens in the month of September. The day of Kailmahurtha, the dishes usually prepare and celebrating in the morning to end of the day with wines.

Kaveri Sankramana – October

This is the festival belongs to Godess Kaveri between the month of October in Talakaveri, the Thirtha appears from the ‘Kunda’ (Believes the River Kaveri take birth) and thousands of deities gather here to watch and get thirtha to home. The peoples of Coorg are celebrating this festival on tradition in home and mainly in the holy place Talakaveri.

Madikeri Dasara

A grand celebration takes place in Madikeri town, is the festival similar to the Mysore Dasara, but the ‘Theru’ (decorated gods structure from particular temples located in Madikeri) are showing up in the night throughout the road. Thousands of visitors from domestic and other states gather here to see the Theru, at the time of Dasara, dozens of exhibitions, Orchestra, Stores, Dance competitions, and other entertainment events take place in Madikeri town.

Shivarathri – March

As popular festival celebrating in India, Coorg also celebrates with their tradition and culture, in the time of festival youths dresses using leafs and other costumes and take visits to every home in the night and collects rice and money till the sunrises after the day they making food what they collected last night, In the reality people’s believed God Shiva visits every home and collects food and other items for daily activities, the same style follow in the festival of Shivarathri.

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