Homestays in Coorg

Homestays in Cooorg

Homestays are a new trend in Tourist places especially in Hill Stations for stay visitors with facilities covering a well-maintained room, food and surrounded by nature, many of the homestays are located within the coffee plantation, green forests, valleys or top of the peaks. Normally, Homestays mean a local person’s home with local food and experience. Coorg is the popular hill stations with hundreds of registered homestays which lies between beautiful weather and surrounding. Homestays tariffs are varied on places, foods, and services they offer, the tariff which may begin from Rs. 700 and up to Rs.8,000, some of the homestays are providing numerous facilities same like Luxury Resorts.

List of Notable Homestays in Coorg

Homestays are usually located in Coffee estates which feel like home, but nowadays the trend started even in towns. To stay, many tourists choose homestays within estates or beautiful natural surroundings. Originally, homestay is a residence of which hosted by local people with homemade food.

Coorg is a beautiful place adopted by best scenery including mountain ranges, grass peaks, and cool weather, many tourists like to stay within the nature and top of the peak, homestays are built within the plantation and even top of the peak nowadays for tourists demand, the price is quite high compared to the normal homestays, it offers traditional hospitality and food.

Main Facilities: Comfort rooms, Camp Fire, Children’s playing ground, TV, Additional Beds, Hot/Cold water, Homemade food (local or others).

Note: Homestays are originally hosted by the local people in their home or newly built home especially for homestays in the town and villages, but nowadays it is the trend and offers many facilities for tourists. Tariffs of the Homestays are could be changed depending on demand and cost of the maintenance.

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