8 Places Don’t Miss to Visit in Coorg

Do you know top tourist spots in Coorg? you must know before visit the district. Coorg is famous for natural beauty and hospitality. The land aptly called as the ‘Kashmir of Karnataka’ and ‘Scotland of India’. At Coorg, every place tourists visit is awesome and who need to enjoy the great outdoors. Coorg is the famous Hill station in South India and this place hubs by Western Ghats range. Natural beauty encircled all over the region, accommodation and hospitality provide by the homestays, Hotels and Lodgings.


Mandalpatti is top destination that bestowed with green valleys, evergreen forest, misty hills, and grassland. Fascinating site located just 24 km from Madikeri which the road leading to Abbey falls take right in the middle. The place snuggle every visitor by their imposing view, the place like paradise in the winter and summer the scenery can be seen clearly. Monsoon season makes invisible as that covered by mist on the top of hills. The Spot positioned on high altitude with 360 degree views of scenery, is the must visit place in Coorg. The forest department charges around Rs.30 (may change) at the check post before entering the main location.
Mandalpatti in Coorg


A holy site positioned on the top of the mountain range (At 1276 meters) in the edge of Coorg district, bordered to Kerala state. The temple dedicated to Kaveramma, and the Kaveri river believed take birth in the small pond called ‘Kundige’, a holy place for Kodagu peoples especially for Kodavas, Arebhase Gowdas and other local settlements. As sited on the High altitude land perfect for enjoying the scenery, the Brahmagiri Peak located next to the temple the steps lead up to the peak, at the top of hill Wind Mills and beautiful mountain ranges can be seen. Talakaveri bordered to the Kerala State, is located 7 kms from Bhagamandala, 42 kms from Madikeri.


Nagarahole National Park

National Park Covers over 284 square km and located between the border of Mysore district and Coorg district, the safari providing by the Forest department is one of the experience, many kind of animals, birds can be spotted and Tiger, Leopard are very rare to see as that like to live deeper in jungle. At Nagarahole, over 300 species of birds and large number of elephants and tigers have been reported, and valuable flora found here too. Nagarahole National Park also called as Rajiv Ghandi National Park, is located 95 kms from Mysore and 235 kms from Bangalore.

Nagarahole Forest Range, Kabini
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Popular Holiday destination for travellers from neighbouring urban areas such as Mysore, Bangalore, Hassan, Mangalore, and Kerala state, is popularly known as ‘misty town’, and main political and economic centre of Coorg district, there are many attractions in the town including Raja seat, Omkareshwara temple, Madikeri Fort and Palace, Gadige (Raja’s Tomb), The town located at an altitude of around 1700 meters above sea level. The town is surrounded by evergreen forest and peaks, the splendid destination for Holiday and weekends, Budget to Luxury Hotels, Homestays located in and outside the town.

Madikeri Town

Waterfalls (Irupu, Abbey, Malalli)

The Coorg District has dozens of beautiful waterfalls some of them need to trek to get there, the famous waterfalls are Irupu, Abbey, and Malalli which can be accessible easily with the little walk. There are many waterfalls hidden in the deep forest is hard to get there. Monsoon is the perfect season to visit waterfalls because water flows in high volume.
Abbey waterfall

Trekking to the tallest Peaks

If you want to see the real beauty of Coorg just trek into the jungle and peaks, the peaks are lies in the Western Ghats which rich in Wildlife and flora. Thadiyandamol, Puspagiri Peak are the famous for trekking. Both are tallest in Coorg district, the trekking that you can experience the real beauty of the nature of Coorg, there are many travel agencies offers trekking packages which safe for outside travelers. The best season to trek is from December to April, don’t choose monsoon because of heavy rainfall and dangerous water streams making the place unsafe. If you want to trek choose one from here Pushpagiri Peak, Thadiyandamol Peak, Nishani Peak (Near Madikeri), Bisle Ghat.

Trekking route Coorg

Mountain Ranges

There are dozens of viewpoints in Coorg to enjoy the scenery, mountain ranges snuggled Coorg which imparts extra touch to the beauty of Coorg. Western Ghats ranges crossed on most part of the district. Beautiful Scenery found in Mandalpatti, Talakaveri, Thadiyandamol Peak, Pushpagiri peak and many high altitude places isolated that cannot reachable easily.

Mountain ranges Coorg

Stay within Nature

Your stay should be in a perfect place that within Coffee plantation, surrounded by green forest or mountain ranges, on the top of the hill. Choose best Homestay or hotels which placed within pleasant atmosphere. Choose the accommodations after Kushalnagar, the climate in Kushalnagar hot and common like plain lands, Virajpet and Madikeri surroundings are the best places to have homestays or Hotels to stay, choose wisely.
Homestay within nature

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