Bhagamandala – Pilgrims Sacred Place

Bhagamandala a pilgrimage site located on the banks of Kaveri River where three tributaries join the Kannike and Sujyoti (believed take birth in under the water where Kaveri and Kannike Joins), also called as ‘Triveni Sangama”. Pilgrims perform rituals to their ancestors and take a dip in Triveni Sangama before going forward to Talakaveri. Pilgrims gather here in battalion during Tula Sankramana which falls on 17 and 18th of October.

At Bhagamandala, the temples dedicated to Shiva, Subramanya, Mahavishnu and Ganapathi, built in Karavalli Style. Tipu Sultan occupied this place during 1785-1790 and in 1790, King Dodda Vira Rajendra took back into independence. The Pilgrimage site located 37 kms from Madikeri Town, also connected from Kerala. Government and the private bus runs through this place frequently. There is an inquiry room inside the temple where pilgrims know about ‘Poojas’ and other ritual details. The government renewed recently the temple architecture and surrounding areas of Bhagamandala for Pilgrims Comfort.

June to September raining heavily, which may break transportation between Bhagamandala to other places caused by the high flow of water. We suggest you to visit in winter and summer on pleasant climate.

Getting there

Bhagamandala located near the border of Kerala state, roughly 37 kms from Madikeri and also accessible from Kerala State.

  • 37 kms from Madikeri or 1 hour drive via Talakaveri road
  • 70 kms from Kanhangad or 2 hours drive via SH56 and Bhagamandala interstate Road

Locaiton on Map

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