Chiklihole Reservoir – A Small Dam

A small reservoir that provides water to local farmers located between Governments reserved forest, 13 km from Kushalnagar the road which leads to Siddapur town and near to Dubare Elephant Camp. Chiklihole Dam is pleasant place who needs peace and relaxation, it is about 2 km inside the forest to get there. A remote place where no stores and no facilities, visitors should take food and snacks if want hang-out there. This reservoir surrounded by green forest which homes to Elephants, do not enter into the forest near the reservoir.

Chicklihole Reservior
Chicklihole Reservior

The Dam fills in rainy season around July to September and flows on the side of the reservoir if that fills, there are no safety and security persons you are on your own. The best season to enjoy the reservoir scenery is from July to August, just want to see just visit all time during the year.

How to Reach

Chiklihole Dam is around 13 km from Kushalnagar Town, take left turn in Guddehosur (2 km from Kushalnagar towards Madikeri Road), ride around 9 km to the place called Ranga Samudra (A Village) and take right where spots government school and it will take 2 km ride from Ranga Samudra within the government reserved forest.

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