Gaddige (Raja’s Tombs) – Madikeri

Gaddige, Raja's Tomb

Tombs of Raja’s, built on the edge of the hilltop of the town are the historical monuments which were designed and built in Indo-scenic style (Muhammadan edifices) of architecture. This is popular and thousands of the tourists visit here as it located within the town and easy to get there. There are two main tombs right side tomb is of Lingarajendra built by his son Chikkavirarajendra in A.D. 1820 and the left side of the tomb of Rudrappa (Royal Priest) which was built in 1834 and The Centre tomb is of Dodda Veerarajendra and his queen. There are other two tiny structures with inscription just right side of the tombs built after buried Royal officials Biddanda Bopu and his son Biddanda Somaiah (who died in the war on Tipu Sultan).

This Place is located just a kilometer from Madikeri Bus Stand, this is renewed by tourism department and added garden around the Tombs which pleasant for relaxation and get you peace. Spectacular View of Madikeri Town can be seen from Gaddige.

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