Harangi Dam – A Reservoir near Kushalnagar

Harangi Dam is located just 5 km from Kushalnagar town and 38 km from Madikeri, the Dam was closed for many years and not opened publicly for security purpose, the good news is to open for visitors soon with extend of beautiful Garden and other attractions. The Dam built over Harangi River, dam water will release officially through gates when water reaches maximum level. There is Power plant located the just right edge of the Dam which has a production capacity of around 11,000-volt Electricity (Permission should be taken to enter and watch inside the Power House).

Harangi Dam & Park

Harangi Dam is ideal for a picnic, Guest house located in Harangi which is operated by the Government (only a few rooms available), for complete accommodations take a ride to Kushalnagar Town (5 km from Harangi).

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