Kotebetta – Rocky Peak

This is the Rocky peak with a temple in the foothill belongs to God Shiva, located just 6 km from Madapura (18 kms from Madikeri), there are two options you can trek or hire a jeep to reach the Kotebetta Peak. This Peak one of the highlands which is surrounded by small green mountains. Kotebetta is the beautiful peak and dangerous too, it is not recommended to walk at the edge of the peak where rocky surface appears.

Kotebetta Peak
Photo by Srikanth Parthasarathy via Flickr

If you want to trek prepare with things you need to carry, the best time to visit here is October to February as clear climate exists and you can watch the clear surrounding scenery. The Stunning landscapes, forests, and one can see Animals and rare birds. The peak visible from far away and anyone can track the route to the peak very easily.

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