Mallalli Falls – A Waterfalls in Pushpagiri Range

Mallalli Waterfall located in the foothills of Pushpagiri in the Western Ghats region of Kodagu District, it is 25 km away from Somwarpet town and 265 km from Bangalore. The Kumaradhara river formed Mallalli waterfall. As it situated in the Western Ghats it plunges heavily in the rainy season and the perfect time to watch. The Waterfalls produce two drops with a height of around 200 feet. The surrounding of the waterfalls has spectacular view of Green forest, valleys and mountain ranges.

Mallalli Waterfall
Photo by Rakesh Belliappa

Kumaradhara river flows well throughout the year and visitors can enjoy the waterfalls beauty any time, if you interested to see fully flow water visit around time of June to December. Monsoon is the perfect season to grow plants life in the jungle that gives a natural beauty to the falls surroundings.

Getting there

Maallalli Waterfall located just 25 km from Somwarpet (Somwarpet town is situated around 25 km from Kushalnagar Town).

Location on Map

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