Omkareshwara Temple – Madikeri

A Gothic and Islamic Style Hindu Temple situated in the heart of Madikeri Town, built in 1820 by Lingarajendra II (King of Kodagu), the temple dedicated to God Shiva. The Story of the temple is once King puts a Brahmin to death to fulfill his political dreams, and then the spirit of the Brahmin started to torture the king every day as became ‘Brahmarakshasa’. To solve the problems priests advised the king to bring ‘Shivalinga’ from Kashi and install in the temple, that’s why the Omkareshwara temple built.

Omkareshwara Temple Madikeri

The Temple filled with beautiful Ancient paintings, different structure the style of the temple attracts tourists, the windows were made of ‘Panchaloha’ and an ‘alphabet Lim’. The pool is another attraction which on the front of the temple with lots of fishes, in the middle of the pool one ‘Mantapa’ installed with dome (basically in Muslim style). There are timings for Poojas (usually three ‘Mahamangalarathi’ serves to the God in every day of the year), and Regular Rituals conducted by the temple Administration. This is the prominent and large temples in Madikeri Town with the interesting historical background.

The Temple reachable easily as it located in the middle of the town, there is a small space for vehicle parking and it is common that tourist struggling to park their vehicle in the rush day. There are many luxuries to Budget accommodations available in Madikeri town.

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