Raja’s Seat – Garden of King’s

Raja’s Seat or Raja seat is the main and popular attraction in Madikeri Town located on top of the hill and the perfect place to enjoy the scenery, there are four pillared Mantapa with arches built in the middle of the garden, once upon a time the garden was used by Kings of Kodagu for relaxation. Today, thousands of tourists enjoy the garden with awesome scenery and feel misty climate in monsoon and winter. From Raja’s seat, you can see mountain ranges, dense forest, dotted paddy fields (in monsoon season fog covers entirely makes it invisible of Scenery). It is a must see the attraction for visitors who want relaxation and enjoy the scenery.

Raja Seat - Garden of Raja's

The Raja Seat is the garden on the hill of the town, to enter this garden need to buy the ticket, and inside the garden many types of flowers and green grass on the ground planted, and wide old trees that keep you cool from sun heat.

Getting there

As located in the town, is accessible very easily, in the holidays and weekend’s tourists commonly seems dense and struggling to park vehicles. Raja’s seat is located just 1 km from Madikeri Bus Station.

Madikeri is the main Town in Coorg with some strict rules, some of the crucial rule to follow are No Smoking, don’t Drink and Keep out of using Plastic Bags.

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