Talakaveri – The origin of Kaveri River

A Place with a deep historical background, known as one of the best pilgrimage sites in Karnataka, and most importantly is the birth place of Famous and huge River ‘Kaveri’. The Temple in Talakaveri is dedicated to Goddess Kaveramma (Kaveriamma) frequently visited by pilgrims and is built in the Kerala architecture style. Talakaveri is considered as a sacred place by Hindus and devotees take a dip in this pond as they believe it to a holy spot. In the day of Tulasankramana, thousands of pilgrims gather here to witness the fountain-head which commonly take place in mid of October.

There is schedule to entry and take Darshan and Pooja in the temple, Pooja things available at the entrance of the temple. It also houses two small shrines – one for Lord Agateeswara (Shiva) and another for Lord Ganesha. There are many viewpoints throughout the road leading to Talakaveri from Bhagamandala.

History: This is the story of yore, when the sage Ahastya was meditating, a crow toppled his container of holy water and started flowing as River (Kaveri River), the crow disappeared and Ganesh showed himself to the sage, therefore, talakaveri is a sacred place for Hindus.

About Kaveri River: Kundike (A Tank) has been erected, at the place that is said to be the origin of the Kaveri River, Kundige is connected to the pond, the water from the pond goes underground and emerge as the Kaveri river some distance away (kilometers).

Facilities and Accomodations: Rooms to change clothes and bath, Guest Rooms, Stores, Transportation (Private Vehicles), many Homestays to stay around talakaveri with best services within beautiful atmosphere. very few options in talakaveri, you should go to Madikeri for better accommodations.

Places to See:

  • Brahmagiri Peak: Brahmagiri Peak located alongside the Kaveramma Temple which needs to climb up around 400 steps, from the top 360-degree view can be seen, if the view clear one can see the view of Arabian Sea in far-far away. You can enjoy the view of surrounding peaks and Western Ghats mountain range
  • Wind Mills: There are many wind Mills installed on the top of the peak which next to brahmagiri peak is not active at present, you can enjoy the windmills on the top of hills and one can see it rotating when fast wind emerges.
  • Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary: These Sanctuaries located near to Talakaveri with rare fauna and flora, some routes through the sanctuaries are best for trekking.

Getting there

Talakaveri located just 8 kms from Bhagamandala town and 48 Km from Madikeri. Public transport is also available from Madikeri.

  • 44 kms from Madikeri Town Via Talakaveri Road or 1 hour 15 min drive
  • 163 kms from Mysore via Mysore Hwy and Virajpet-Mysore Road
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