Thadiyandamol Peak – Highest Point of Coorg

Thadiyandamol is the Highest peak in Coorg district, its height is 1,750 meters (5,682 feet) above sea level, located on the Western Ghats ranges in Virajpet Taluka. This peak is one of the famous trekking spots in Coorg. The meaning of the word Thadiyandamol is broad-based-hill (tadi-broad, molu-hill), tadi and molu are Kodava language. The popular Sholas can be seen from the peak and one can see wildlife around this place in the particular season, as located in the Western Ghats is rich with flora and fauna, Shola forest can be found here. The Nalknad Palace located at the foothill of the Thadiyandamol peak which accessible easily. Thadiyandamol also spelled as ‘Tadiandamol’.

This place is good for trekking and can experience the real beauty of nature, choose perfect season June to September is the rainy season which is very difficult for trekking, the best season to climb is in winter and summer. There are many adjoining peaks which are similar to Thadiyandamol peak. Thadiyandamol also the third highest peak in Karnataka State, and interesting place for trekkers and nature lovers. As it positioned center in the whole range, the panorama in such elevation is awesome.


Location on Map

Tadiandamol, Yevakapadi, Virajpet Taluka, Kodagu, Karnataka 571212

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